Veterans for Annie!

Stephen Haugh

Senior Chief, USN (Ret)

As a 26-year military war-veteran, I can see who has sacred honor and recognize the genuine qualities of leadership, integrity and courage. When minutia hits the fan, some people run, and some people stay – here’s Annie facing the fire, standing in the breech for Nevadans. Annie continuously demonstrates calm, cool, and collective leadership in a world of created and systemic crises and chaos.

When I see Annie, I see the epitome of Courage, Leadership and Loyalty to the citizens of Nevada. As our District 19 Nevada State Representative her courageous leadership led the way to support small businesses against Government Sisolak’s self-inflicted crisis and socialist policies of Democrats in their do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do mentality that eviscerated state’s economy and jobs.

Annie stood in the breech against Democrats. While Annie was supporting Nevadans freedoms, Sisolak and the Democrats sought unconstitutional powers to imprison our Constitutional freedoms and shut down our businesses that led to record unemployment and inflation in Nevada. Her leadership led to the re-opening of Nevada and the tourism that is a huge part of our state economy while other Republicans stood on the sideline.

As Nevada’s future lies within District 4. I am certain she will again stand in the breech against the socialist agenda of mandates, open borders and of the Biden Administration of unconstitutional quagmire of mandates wholeheartedly supported by Horsford.  Annie will not go a long-to-get-along at the expense of Nevada’s freedoms and the freedoms of all Americans.

Annie stands for American’s first in everything; freedom of speech, freedom to make your own medical choices, election protection-integrity, securing the American border against the invasion, Baby-Formula for American babies, not illegal immigrants.

"The Nevada Veterans Association has endorsed you for your 2022 US Congressional District 4 race. Our organization represents approximately 228,000 dedicated veterans of the United States Military who reside in Nevada. Your relationship with the community and advocacy for Nevada Veterans demonstrates your ability to understand the uniqueness of Veteran needs and your commitment to support those needs."
Donna K Lee
“I am an Army veteran and think Annie is the best person for the job! Be sure to vote!!”
Larry Colson
US Army
“I am a retired USN/USAF Veteran and support Annie 100%. I was an Antisubmarine electronic technician in the Navy, and my Squadron, VS-24, covered the Northern End of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. In the USAF I was a aircraft radio technician and maintained aircraft radios during Vietnam. I was spent 15 months working with NATO in Izmir, Turkey in 1978-1979 when the Shah of Iran was deposed and returned to the States one week and four days before Iran captured the hostages they held for 444 days. I am proud of my Military career and also proud to support Annie Black 100%.”
Pvt David Warren
US Navy/Air Force

Steve Reynolds

“I’m a Vietnam veteran.  I support Annie 100% and I know a lot of veterans here in Mesquite do also.  I’ve been supporting her ever since she first ran for city council.  I’m glad she’s running for Congress because I’m going to vote for her again.”

“I am a US Army veteran and support Annie Black for a number of reasons. For the past 14 years I have been involved in the Mesquite Veterans Center - as a board member, as the secretary of the American Legion Post 24, and as a member of the Mesquite Honor Guard. Annie is and always has been a strong supporter of American Veterans.”
James G. Carrick
US Army Veteran 1966 to 1972
“I’m a constitutional conservative and Army veteran. Annie’s political record is as conservative as it is inspiring. I live in Pahrump, and even though it’s way off the beaten path, she finds the time to come out and visit and speak to us. That’s why I’m voting Annie Black for Congressional District 4 this Election Day!”
Bob Barlics
Acting Sargent, US Army
“My wife and I are supporting Annie. We met her when she ran for city council and voted for her. We found Annie to be honest, hard-working, down-to-earth and straight-forward. We don’t need a typical politician who says one thing and does another. So we’re voting for her again to turn this country around.”
Don Scott
US Marine Corps
“It’s an honor to support Annie. I’ve known her for quite a few years and can tell you she was one of the best city councilpersons we’ve ever had in Mesquite. She was also excellent in the State Assembly and I know she’s going to be excellent in Congress.”
Steve Balek
US Army 1968-1970

David Pectol

“I am a US Army Veteran and I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically endorse and support Annie Black.  I’ve known Annie for almost 20 years and in that time she has always said what she means and means what she says.  Without a doubt, when she tells you her opinion on a topic or how she would vote, she does just that.  She genuinely cares for all Nevadans, whether you are in her district or not.  Because of her strong principles, high morals, and willingness to stand alone if need be, she has my vote and I encourage you to support her as well!”

“Hello Annie. First, I must thank my wife, Diana, for being socially and politically active. If she had not been so, I would probably not have met you when I did. It is an honor to know you and I truly respect the way with which you conduct your campaign.

“I am a U.S. Marine veteran of the Viet Nam era. I appreciate that you are so approachable and care about all of our Veterans. Thank you. I hope to see you again soon and my family wishes you all the best in these coming elections and all your endeavors to serve.”
Tom Woodrow
“I’ve been following Annie while she was on the city council and state legislature. She has the same values I do. I like the way she supports veterans. We need to get rid of Pelosi and her minions back in DC. We need to take back Congress. And I firmly believe Annie will be the one to do that. I hope everybody will support her because she’ll get the job done for us.”
Bob Rutherford
US Air Force (ret)
“Annie, as an 8-year US Navy Vietnam Vet and 10-year Oakland Police officer, you have earned my unwavering support! I know your excellent track record working for us. I've watched you stand and fight against stiff liberal odds in state government. I also know we can count on you to make the right decisions in line with solid conservative values. We've got your back, Annie. Go get 'em!”
John "Bumper" Morgan
US Navy
“As an 80-year-old Air Force veteran, I have NEVER had ANYONE even so much as acknowledge my existence on the planet, much less communicate with me on a somewhat personal level. That changed with my FIRST attempt to contact Annie Black. Not only was her response timely but a direct response to the question I had asked her! GO GET 'EM, ANNIE!”
Richard Hartley
US Air Force - Nellis AFB