"The Nevada Veterans Association has endorsed you for your 2022 US Congressional District 4 race. Our organization represents approximately 228,000 dedicated veterans of the United States Military who reside in Nevada. Your relationship with the community and advocacy for Nevada Veterans demonstrates your ability to understand the uniqueness of Veteran needs and your commitment to support those needs."
Donna K Lee, President
Nevada Veterans Association
“Annie, so far you are the most accessible candidate I've ever encountered in my 67 years. All kinds of candidates out there think that just because they were in the military they are a better candidate. NOT SO! Serving in the military and being involved in politics are worlds apart.”eing involved in politics are worlds apart.”
Mark Uttech
“I am a US Army veteran and support Annie Black for a number of reasons. For the past 14 years I have been involved in the Mesquite Veterans Center - as a board member, as the secretary of the American Legion Post 24, and as a member of the Mesquite Honor Guard. Annie is and always has been a strong supporter of American Veterans.”
James G. Carrick
US Army Veteran 1966 to 1972
"Annie stood up for law enforcement as a city councilwoman and stood against mandates as an Assemblywoman. As a community of over 13,000 gun owners and Second Amendment advocates, Nevada Shooters knows Annie will continue to stand for all of us and go toe to toe with those hell bent on taking away our right to bear arms. We are excited to endorse Annie Black for Congress!"
Nevada Shooters Alliance
“As an 80-year-old Air Force veteran, I have NEVER had ANYONE even so much as acknowledge my existence on the planet, much less communicate with me on a somewhat personal level. That changed with my FIRST attempt to contact Annie Black. Not only was her response timely but a direct response to the question I had asked her! GO GET 'EM, ANNIE!”
Richard Hartley
Mesquite, NV
“Annie Black is one of the few legislators who actually does what she says she’s going to do. When she gives you her word, you can take it to the bank. Working with Annie was awesome. She’s a fighter who never gives up!"
Jill Dickman
Nevada State Assemblywoman
"Annie is a fighter who does exactly what she says she is going to do. Such a rare quality in a politician. Strong, uncompromising on her principles, and doesn’t give a damn if the leftist outrage mob or the press (but, I repeat myself) says mean things about her. We need strong, principled leadership in Washington, DC and Annie has a proven track record of just that. Wish we had 435 just like her in Congress!"
Kevin Brewster
“Annie is who she says she is and not only talks the talk but proudly walks the walk despite resistance from her own party. At this time in history, we need Annie to continue to fight the good fight, but in DC this time. She has proven herself several times over.”
Dennis and Maureen Grosenbach
“From the first time I heard Annie speak I knew she was a strong fighter and a winner. I have since that time met her personally and watched as she stood for what she promised the people of Nevada. She is an honest breath of integrity that will not back down even if the odds say she should. Just watch her beat the odds!”
Sue Hanks
Mesquite, NV
“Annie Black is the real deal. Her record while on the Mesquite City Council and in the State Assembly demonstrate that she’s not a ‘go along to get along’ type of person. Her experience is what sets her apart from her opponents. As an experienced politician from North Carolina recently said, ‘The problems in DC are too severe to treat as a training ground.’ My wife and I are with Annie all the way.”
Bill Newyear
Pahrump, NV
“Annie Black is a proven Constitutional Conservative. With a 99.2% conservative voting record Annie is rated the most conservative legislator in Nevada. And if that's not enough, the ACLU hates her! For me those are two of the best qualifications needed to replace the Swamp-Dwelling Democrat Steven Horsford.

“Why not Sam Peters? Sam Peters says he's a conservative Republican. But what are Sam Peters' qualifications; what's he running on? Granted, he’s a veteran, a business owner, and a family man, but he has no political track record, no voting record. However, there are a couple of things Sam's really good at; getting photo ops at other Republican candidates' expense and telling voters what they want to hear. I find it interesting that friends who supported Sam in 2020 aren’t doing so this time.”
Dave Ochenreider
"Hi Annie. I just want to let you know that I will definitely casting my vote for you in the Congressional District 4 race. Although I voted for Sam Peters in 2020, he was just the lesser evil. By the way, all of my sphere of influence will be voting for you and I've been spreading the word for you."
Esper Hickman
“People keep asking me why I am NOT supporting Sam Peters in this particular race! It has everything to do with the better candidate – Assemblywoman Annie Black has worked diligently to ‘earn’ this position. This native Nevadan has fought for NEVADANS for years! She has served as a City Councilwoman and currently sits in our state legislature. She is the person who has the experience to fight for us in Congress! I am betting on BLACK – Annie Black!”
Tawanna K. Crabb
Las Vegas, NV
“Sadly, Sam Peters’ campaign will say anything to get elected. If they’re willing to lie to you to get him into office, they’ll lie to you once in office. That’s why I’m supporting Annie Black in the Republican primary for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District.”
Tony Lane
Youth sports coach & former professional basketball player
“Annie Black is our outstanding choice for Congress. We are blessed to have been moved into her district and have her represent us. Annie’s experience, dedication, spirit and motivation is exactly what is needed in Congress.”
Monterey Brookman
Las Vegas, NV
“Annie is down-to-earth, honest and a person who does what she says she will do. She was a real fighter while in the Nevada State Assembly; stood alone sometimes in her fight for what she believed to be right. I believe she will do the same on a national level. From the start of her campaign, she has had my vote.”
Pat White
Sparks, NV
“Assemblywoman Annie Black is the poster-woman for constituent representation in the Nevada Assembly. Her no BS approach to the hypocrisy of Democrats should be the role model for every conservative Republican who serves or will serve in office.”
Tom Daly
Reno, NV
“Annie is the only politician who has ever actually answered my emails; not with a robo-email, but an actual one-on-one conversation. Thank you for being honest and caring what the people want.”
Kara Harvey
"You know you have our vote. Your record and your ability to fight and not give into the status quo is proof you will be a true Conservative looking out for the American way of life. Go get them and kick some butt. Our country needs more of folks like you."
Patrick & Renae Garland
Mesquite, NV
“I’d been waiting for months to have my unemployment claim processed. Could never get an actual person on the phone. I was at wit’s end. So I contacted Assemblywoman Black and asked for help. She was able to get my claim processed in less than two weeks. Thank you, Annie!”
Phil Nehrenz
Mesquite, NV
“I first met Annie at the Freedom Protest that she organized back in April 2020. Annie also helped me and my daughter with a DMV process. It had been 5 months trying to make an appointment and with no success. I contacted Annie for help and she made sure to figure out what the problem was and within 2 weeks it was fixed. Vote Annie!”
Yadira Salas
Mesquite, NV
“Dear ‘Mustang Annie.’ You talk the walk, but more importantly you WALK the walk. As far as I'm concerned, YOU ARE THE ONE! It has been a great pleasure to have been part of 'Annie's Army.' Thanks for everything you've tried to accomplish for the State of Nevada.”
Robert Johnson
Fallon, Nevada
“While we don’t live in Annie’s district, we have seen her help residents throughout the state and strongly believe she would be an asset to all of Nevada’s citizens!”
Bruce and Laura Feher
Las Vegas, NV
“I’m proud to give Annie my endorsement. She has true conservative values and listens to her constituents; a quality not discovered in most people running for office.”
Bob Lopez
Mesquite, NV
"As a small business ownder and conservative Nevadan, it's clear that now is the time for the private sector to come off the sidelines and step up for our community. Nevadans deserve better than sky-rocketing inflation, open borders and crime without consequences. Annie Black is our best chance at flipping this seat from blue to red. I implore every citizen who cares about our state to vote for Annie."
Lisa Song Sutton
Las Vegas, NV
"I support Annie. I followed her actions during last year’s Nevada legislative session and was happy to see someone who stood up to the nonsense of masks and a closed session. I call Annie 'Nevada’s Lauren Boebert or Marjorie Taylor Greene.' Those are the kind of fighters we need in DC to stand up to the swamp."
Kathy Seline
Fallon, NV
"We support Annie because she has actually done for Nevada what she said she would do for our district, state and country."
Mary and Len Marciano
North Las Vegas, NV
“The day I met Annie I could see a determined and strong young woman committed to her goals. Annie stands by what she believes in and does not fear standing alone if that is what it takes to get results that benefit the majority. She is tenacious!”
Yoli Bell
Mesquite, NV
“If you are looking for the very BEST candidate to represent you in Nevada’s 4th Congressional district, then look no further than Annie Black! Annie is hard-working, a woman of principles, and will fight to the bitter end to represent you, the state of Nevada, and your Conservative values. She is tough as nails and never once backed down as an Assemblywoman in our state legislature. Annie has my full support and confidence that she can defeat Steven Horsford. Go Annie Go!!!”
Francine Huffman
“Annie is everything I want in a conservative elected official with backbone, ethics, honesty and courage. If you want to make a difference and feel your power, vote for Annie!”
Lori Teakle
Yerington, NV
“You talk the walk but more importantly you WALK the walk. As far as I'm concerned, YOU ARE THE ONE! Thanks for everything you've tried to accomplish for the State of Nevada.”
Robert Johnson
Fallon, NV
“Annie is a fighter who does NOT back down in the face of pressure from either party. SHE is the person we need in Congress to stand up for our God-given rights as put forth in the Constitution. SHE will stay strong while fighting the Socialism that is working against the American people.”
Becky Scarbrough
Mesquite, NV
"Annie is a person of ethics and standards. She supports individual rights and the Constitution. She supports school choice to protect children and parents. She is a fighter for 'We the People.' "
Danni Rutherford
Mesquite, Nevada
"You know you have our vote. Your record and your ability to fight and not give into the status quo is proof you will be a true Conservative looking out for the American way of life. Go get them and kick some butt. Our country needs more of folks like you."
Patrick & Renae Garland
Mesquite, Nevada
“For my friends who respect age and wisdom you should know I fully support ANNIE BLACK to put a conservative in Congress.”
Gary Duarte
Sparks, NV
“I heard Annie speak at the Southern Hills Republican Women's club meeting and I found her to be so genuine and brave to take on the RINOs in attendance that day. I've never endorsed a candidate before, but I truly believe Annie will be the BEST person to represent us in Congress.”
Paula Phelps
Las Vegas, NV
"Annie Black is the only person we want representing Nevada’s District 4 in the United States’ Congress. She doesn’t mince words or play 'the game.' She doesn’t shy away from the tough questions or hard work. We hope you will join us in voting for Annie Black, Republican, District 4."
Jim and Patti Jones
Mesquite, NV