Wanna Talk About Guns?  OK, Let’s Talk About Guns…

(Annie Black) – Following the horrific mass murder at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, Democrats in Congress are rushing to pass even more gun control laws on law-abiding Americans.

For the record, if I’m elected to represent you in Congress to replace gun-grabbing Rep. Steven Horsford, I’ll be a solid “NO!” vote on any such legislation.  Because I agree with the following statement…

“I am convinced that a criminal who wants a firearm can get one through illegal, untraceable, unregistered sources, with or without gun control.”

Believe it or not, that was then-Sen. Joe Biden way back in 1985!

Today’s gun-grabbers, however, don’t agree.

The victim disarmament crowd over at the far-left Battle Born Progress went after my future colleague, Rep. Matt Gaetz, yesterday in a tweet, asking if he’d looked into “research supporting multiple gun violence prevention policies.”

That’s liberal-speak for gun “control” policies.

My response to them…

“Have you researched what’s been going on in Chicago, the Gun Control Capital of America? Over 50 shot, 9 fatally, just over the Memorial Day weekend.”

Indeed, we don’t need more gun control.  We need more CRIMINAL control!

As Polk County, FL, Sheriff Grady Judd put it after the Uvalde shooting…

“[We will] put a bullet through your head if you’re trying to hurt our children. We are going to shoot you graveyard dead if you come onto a campus with a gun.”

You know what else we need to do?

“We should end so-called gun-free zones,” wrote Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) this week, “and allow sane adults to protect children from insane individuals.”

Indeed, according to GunFacts.info…

“From 1988 through August of 2019, more than 85 percent of Mass Public Shootings have occurred in gun-free zones.”

Like our schools.

As Jacob Albarado – the off-duty Border Patrol agent who borrowed a shotgun from a local barber and rushed into the school to save his daughter – put it, changes need to be made so that “teachers will be trained and allowed to carry (weapons) in order to protect themselves and students.”

There’s an old saying that when seconds count, police are only minutes away.  Well, in the case of Uvalde, the police were more than an HOUR away.  Those teachers and children were lambs to the slaughter.

Of course, we’ll never know if an armed teacher or other school employee would have been able to successfully stop the Uvalde shooter before he killed so many defenseless victims.  But at least they’d have had a fighting chance!

As Rep. Jim Jordan put it this week, “Taking away the guns of law-abiding citizens is never the answer.”

So, yes, I’m an absolute defender of your Second Amendment rights.

I’m A+ rated by the Nevada Firearms Coalition, the Nevada affiliate of the National Rifle Association.

I’ve been endorsed by the Nevada Shooters Alliance…

“As a community of over 13,000 gun owners and Second Amendment advocates, Nevada Shooters knows Annie will continue to stand for all of us and go toe to toe with those hell bent on taking away our right to bear arms. We are excited to endorse Annie Black for Congress!”

And I’m also endorsed by the “no compromise” Gun Owners of America…

“GOA has a rigorous process when endorsing candidates, starting with a survey. Based upon all those factors GOA proudly endorses Annie Black for Congressional District 4.”

One final point…

At a congressional hearing on Thursday, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, said one of the stupidest things ever uttered by a Member of Congress on guns (and that’s saying something!) …

“There is no research to support the idea that women’s gun ownership increases their safety.”

Beg to differ.  As Tennessee congressional candidate Robby Starbuck noted just last week…

“A likely mass shooting was stopped on Wednesday in West Virginia. A man came in to a graduation party firing an AR-15 at the crowd, but a woman (my emphasis) carrying a gun shot and killed him before he hit anyone.”

As a woman – and yes, unlike our soon-to-be Supreme Court Justice, I can define “woman” without being a biologist – let me just say Mr. Nadler is full of sheep-dip.

And good luck trying to disarm THIS woman!


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“The (Uvalde) shooter passed a background check, and many Americans are likely reading stories of his horrific behavior and wondering just how that could’ve been allowed to happen.” – Jim Geraghty, National Review

“The Texas shooter violated a multiplicity of gun laws. The suggestion that more gun laws would have prevented this act of unspeakable evil is unsupported, and the implication that those who oppose such laws are somehow in favor of mass shootings is morally reprehensible.” – Ben Shapiro

“In 2018, Andrew Abdullah pleaded guilty to weapons charges.  He was released on bail.  JUST LAST WEEK he shot and killed a man on the NY subway.  If Democrats REALLY cared about stopping violence, they would prosecute criminals, not let them go free.” – Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO)