They’re Telling Me to Stop Sending You These AnnieGrams…Should I Listen?

(Annie Black) – Fat chance.

I’ll admit, sending you these AnnieGrams is unconventional.  All the “experts” have told me that no one will read them; that I should do the glossy, four-color, oversized postcards like “everybody else.”

Sorry, that’s not how I roll.

Politics is a serious business.  We deal with serious issues.  And electing the wrong people has serious consequences…

Just look at how much you’re paying at the gas pump these days, your dwindling 401(k), and all the empty space on store shelves where baby formula is supposed to be!

And I just believe I’m serving you better by discussing these issues and my campaign directly and in detail rather than with your typical political postcard mailer filled with scary headlines, half-truths and out-of-context quotes.

You’re an intelligent, informed voter and I’ve chosen to treat you as such.  But that didn’t stop liberal blogger Jon Ralston from trying to ridicule me about it recently on Twitter…

“GOP candidate for Congress in Nevada, @RealAnnieBlack, puts out 8-page (!) letter headlined: ‘How to Stop Democrats From Stealing Any More Elections.’”

Actually, it was 6 pages – but I guess math isn’t the “fake news” peddler’s strong suit.

Nevertheless, I don’t communicate with my constituents and voters to make liberal bloggers happy.  I do it for you.

And it seems at least some voters appreciate not being treated like mindless bumps on a log.  Here are a couple of emails I received after the last AnnieGram hit mailboxes…

  • “Miss Black, I want to thank you for the AnnieGrams that you send in the mail, they are very informative and a lot of fun to read sometimes.” – Michael Compagnone
  • “I’m so glad to get your AnnieGram before I voted. I just changed my ballot to vote for you. Please keep the updates coming.” – Dona Hoesly
  • “Just received your AnnieGram letter and was very pleased with what I read. I will be supporting you in the upcoming election.” – Paul Jensen
  • “I enjoy reading your AnnieGrams. It is good to know there are people out there willing to fight for what’s right.” – Mark R. Uttech
  • “Appreciate your AnnieGrams. Good luck.” – Dahl Hansen

So, sorry, Mr. Ralston.  You don’t count.  Voters such as Michael, Dona, Paul, Mark and Dahl do.  THAT’S who I represent.

And as long as my constituents want to be treated like intelligent, informed adults, I’ll keep sending these multi-page AnnieGrams.

Now, back to the business at hand…

This election is not referendum.  It’s not “Annie Black: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?”

It’s Annie Black…or Chance Bonaventura…or Sam Peters.

I like both of those guys.  Good conservatives.  But, in my opinion, they’re short on experience and have no track record of service in office.

You see, I’ve learned that it’s easy to say all the right things on the campaign trail…but a heckuva lot harder to DO the right thing in office when you’re getting pounded by the Democrats, the media and the lobbyists.

Sadly, a lot of Republicans “drink the Kool-Aid” once they get elected and vote completely different from how they campaigned.

Now, I’m not saying that’s what Chance or Sam would do.  I’m saying it happens.  A lot.  And we simply don’t really know what they’d do because neither has ever been elected.

I have.

I’ve served on the Mesquite City Council and in the Nevada State Assembly.  And I’m PROUD to say I had the #1 conservative voting record of all 63 members of the Legislature in the 2021 session!

And if you send me to represent you in Congress, my priorities on your behalf will be to…

  • Stop Bidenflation
  • End Biden’s border crisis
  • End the Biden crime wave
  • Block Biden’s “Ministry of Truth”
  • Secure our elections
  • Fight Big Tech’s censorship
  • Stop the teaching of “Critical Race Theory”
  • Support law enforcement and our military
  • Restore energy independence
  • Protect our Second Amendment gun rights
  • Protect the unborn
  • Block tax hikes
  • Reign in uncontrolled government spending
  • And make America great again…again!

I don’t just talk-the-talk.  I’ve walked-the-walk.  And I’ll continue to do so if you trust me to watch out for you in “The Swamp.”


Annie Black
Battle-Born | Battle-Tested

P.S.  You can learn more by going to my website at  Or if you have a direct question or concern, call me on my cell at (702) 872-2222 or shoot an email to: