I Know I’m Supposed to Attack My Opponent Today, However…

(Annie Black) – With Election Day being tomorrow, the political experts advise that I should come out with guns a’blazing and rip my opponents to shreds today in a final appeal for votes.

Well, I’ve never been a “conventional candidate” and don’t intend to start now.  So let me leave you with this instead…

An undecided voter over the weekend asked me a rather painful question for ANY candidate to contemplate: What will you do if you lose the Republican primary for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District tomorrow?

Well, “woke” Disneyland is out of the question! (lol)

But I understand the concern.

All too often the candidates who don’t win their primary refuse to support the GOP nominee in the general election.  And then Republicans lose the general election.

We can’t afford that.

Not with gas over $5/gallon and empty baby formula shelves.  Not with an open border and crime running rampant in our neighborhoods.  Not with indoctrinating our kids instead of educating them.  Not with all this government censorship and talk of gun confiscation.

The stakes are just too high.

So let me ease your mind and make you this promise (and you KNOW I keep my promises)…

I decided to run for this seat for three reasons…

  • We need to oust Democrat incumbent Rep. Steven Horsford.
  • We need to oust Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. Horsford’s a vote to keep her in power.  I’ll be a vote to send her packing.
  • I believe I’m the strongest candidate to do both.

I’ve won 4 out of the 5 elections I’ve been in and was the #1-rated conservative legislator in the 2021 session according to both the American Conservative Union and the Nevada Policy Research Center.

I’ve proven I’m willing to stand up and fight for you.  When I refused to wear a mask or present a “vaccine passport” at the end of last year’s legislative session, Democrats kicked me off the Assembly floor and wouldn’t let me back in unless I apologized.

I told them to pound sand.

I’m a PROVEN candidate, a PROVEN conservative and a PROVEN fighter.

But this Republican primary race against Sam Peters is going to be close.  He’s been running for this seat for almost four years.  I didn’t get in until this past January.  So we had a lot of ground to make up.

Regardless, in the end someone has to win and someone has to lose…just like in sports.

And if you, the Republican voters in CD4, decide to nominate Sam, know this…

  • I’ll be all in for Team GOP.
  • I’ll endorse the winner.
  • I’ll campaign with and for the winner.
  • I’ll donate money to the winner.
  • And I’ll encourage my supporters to all do the same.

Because when you get right down to it, this election isn’t about me, or Sam, or Chance Bonaventura (the other candidate in the race).

It’s about what’s best for you, your family, your job, our state and our country.

And that means beating Steven Horsford no matter who the Republican candidate is!

So yes, I’m asking for your vote and hope to be your champion in November.

But win, lose or draw, I’m going to work my “Annie Fanny” off to dump Horsford and Pelosi.


Let’s Go, Brandon!



“I did not change my vote to vote for you; I was always going to vote for you because of your record in the state legislature.  Keeping you in my prayers and fingers crossed.” – Jeannette Wiley

“I must admit, until I received your AnnieGrams I had never heard of you. But after reading them I went to your website and I really like what you have to say and I’m not alone in that feeling. My daughter-in-law is also a convert after reading the AnnieGrams. We will certainly be voting for you next Tuesday and I hope you win.” – Chuck Hill

“As a lifelong constitutional conservative and U.S. Navy Combat veteran I fully support Annie Black for Nevada’s Congressional District 4. Annie’s a warrior in her own right fighting domestic terrorists on the home front.” – Dave Ochenreider

“I am retired and in all my 72 years I have only contributed to 2 campaigns, Ben Carson and YOU!” – Ron Pitcher

“We truly need a fighter like you in Washington to represent our great state. Thank you for sending us your AnnieGrams.  We look forward to reading future ones and to you representing us in Washington D.C.” – Garry and Tina Randles

“Love your AnnieGrams,  Read all of them.  Voted for you last Saturday.  Wife and I, along with our daughter.  She just turned 18 in February. Raising our children Republicans.  Keep up the fight and good luck. – Mykovich Family

“I spent the whole day yesterday looking up everyone on my sample ballot. When I was done, I filled out my ballot.  Your name was the first one I put a check mark next too. Keep up the good work and hope you will still send us AnnieGrams after you take office.” – Barbara Tennant


“I like Annie Black.  Annie Black is a conservative and she’s a nice person and she’s a good candidate.” – Conservative talk-show host Wayne Allyn Root

Annie Black is the Nevada State Assemblywoman representing District 19 and Republican candidate for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District.  You can get more information and subscribe to her AnnieGram newsletter by visiting www.AnnieBlack.net.