Black Attack: Sam Peters Strikes Out Playing “Slime-Time”

(Annie Black) – Yesterday, on the same day I wrote about politicians who mail out “your typical political postcard mailer filled with scary headlines, half-truths and out-of-context quotes,” one of my opponents, Sam Peters, did exactly that.

Welcome to Slime-Time!

It’s pretty sad that someone campaigning as “NOT a career politician” would sink so low like so many career politicians regularly do.

I guess after running unsuccessfully for Congress for four straight years Sam’s become a bona fide career politician after all.

But before I demolish his “hit piece” with the actual facts, here’s what one person posted on social media after reading Sam’s attacks…

“I normally don’t post on Facebook, but I was made aware today of the most disgusting political mailer sent by the desperate low-life Sam Peters.  His mailer has a photo-shopped picture of his opponent, candidate Annie Black, with such vile LIES. 

“I was beyond pissed off, to be blunt.  Sam Peters’ mailer PROVES he’s a desperate LOSER who, like most politicians, stoops to the gutter to smear an opponent.  I’m here to tell everyone that mailer is BS.  It’s now very apparent to me it’s imperative to elect Annie Black to Congress to ensure we have true representation, NOT liars.”

She’s right. The mailer is filled with vile lies.  So let me set the record straight…


“Annie Black joined liberal Democrats and voted for Bill 424 to let violent criminals and rapists, out of jail on bail.”

I’m going to be generous and suggest that Sam, because he’s never actually served in office, simply doesn’t know how to read a bill.

AB424 became necessary to comply with a Supreme Court decision related to processing arrested individuals for pre-trial release via “telephone or videoconferencing” due to COVID restrictions.  And the bill specifically stated that “a sheriff or chief of police may release, without bail, a person charged with a misdemeanor.”

I know Sam’s still a little green and new to all this, but even so, he should know that “violent criminals and rapists” are NOT charged with misdemeanor offenses.  They’re felonies and NOT affected by this bill.  But nice try, Sam.

Oh, and by the way, my fellow CONSERVATIVE colleagues – Assemblyman John Ellison, Andy Matthews and Jim Wheeler also voted for the bill.

And just as a further reminder, while Sam attempted to cherry-pick ONE BILL out of the hundreds of bills introduced in the 2021 session, I was the #1-rated conservative with a 99.22% score from the Nevada Policy Research Institute.


“Annie Black is a career politician who has run for 5 different political offices in just 5 years.”

Math is hard for some folks.

I ran for a seat on the Mesquite City Council in 2018…and won.  I ran for the Nevada State Assembly in 2020…and won.  And I’m now running for Congress.  That’s…let me see here…one, two, three.

In the meantime, Sam is on his second try for office after losing his primary in 2020.  That doesn’t make him a “career politician,” but his slime-time mailer does.


“Annie Black claims to be against mandates, but 2x voted for authority to fine businesses as a city councilwoman.”

I don’t simply “claim” to be against mandates.  Following the Sisolak Shutdown of March 2020…

  • I participated in rallies and protests against them
  • I organized two of my own protests against them in Mesquite (Sam knows this because he “crashed” both of them himself; we have photos)
  • I regularly scorched Sisolak in the media over his mandate abuse of power
  • I introduced a resolution to re-open the Legislature to the public
  • I introduced a bill to immediately terminate Sisolak’s “Declaration of Emergency”
  • I refused to wear a mask or produce a “vaccine passport” in the Assembly Chamber and was censured by the Democrats for refusing to comply

As for his claim that I voted twice to fine businesses in Mesquite…

Again, because Sam’s never actually served in office, he’s confused on how things work and seems to have trouble reading for comprehension.

The issue was whether or not the mayor should have the sole power to implement and extend the state of emergency locally.  And here’s exactly what I asked our city attorney about that, taken directly from the minutes of the meeting…

“If there is a way to maintain the State of Emergency and return some of the responsibility back to the representatives of the people, I would be in favor that, but to clarify 3.9, right now the only way we can end the State of Emergency, Mr. Sweetin, is if the mayor ends it. Even if we all voted to end it right now, hypothetically, we don’t have any ability to do that, we have to enact something to do that.”

So my votes weren’t to “fine businesses.”  They were to prevent Mayor Litman from imposing local mandates the way Sisolak was abusing such power at the time statewide.

My votes were to force the mayor to seek approval from city council members – “representatives of the people” – for such measures, just as I believe legislators should have been given a say in Sisolak’s mandates.

The good news here is that Sam’s accusations and misrepresentations were so off-base and over-the-top that Mesquite Councilman Wes Boger, who had endorsed Sam long before I got into the race, has withdrawn his endorsement and is now supporting me…

“I spoke with Sam about the things that I knew weren’t true about Annie’s time on Mesquite City Council. I re-watched the meetings in their entirety after seeing Sam’s mailer. It wasn’t at all as Sam describes it. Pushing falsehoods as facts and trading integrity for political soundbites is not the Sam Peters I know.  There is a difference between using facts to attack your opponent and using fake news and falsehoods.”

Sorry, Sam…but three strikes and you’re out!

This is the danger in electing to Congress an inexperienced person who needs on-the-job-training.  Talk is cheap…and Sam’s good at it.  But he’s also out of his depth, not ready for prime time and is simply not telling you the truth.

And if he’ll lie to you to get elected, what do you think he’ll do in office?

Yours in liberty,

Annie Black

P.S.  If you still have any questions about Sam’s hit piece, you know you can call me on my cell at (702) 872-2222 or send an email to:


In yesterday’s AnnieGram (“They’re Telling Me to Stop Sending You These AnnieGrams … Should I Listen?”), I noted that certain political consultants and a liberal blogger were criticizing me for sending you long-form letters instead of slick, glossy postcards.

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